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Cornell University

The Cosgrove Laboratory

Systems bioengineering analysis of signaling networks in stem cells and tissue regeneration


Dr. Cosgrove teaches the following courses:

BME 3110 Cellular Systems Biology, a junior undergraduate course offered in the spring. BME 3110 is required for the Molecular, Cellular and Systems Engineering concentration of the BME major. BME 3110 explores: (1) analysis of dynamic control processes in cell biology, from intracellular pathways to networks to multicellular systems; (2) principles of computational systems biology, including genomic, proteomic, and transcriptomic algorithms; and (3) principles of synthetic biology, including gene circuit design and modeling. Students will learn to solve problems using computationally implemented algorithms and models, involving statistical methods, differential equation systems, multivariate regression, and logic-based approaches.

BME 6110 Stem Cell Bioengineering, a graduate-level course offered in the fall. BME 6110 explores the interface of stem cell biology and bioengineering and will examine how quantitative analysis and modeling approaches inform stem cell-based biotechnologies and medical therapies. The course covers (i) cell and molecular biotechnology concepts, (ii) embryonic and adult stem cell biology fundamentals, (iii) analysis, design, and production of biomolecular therapies to regulate stem cell function, and (iv) generation of biomimetic and bioreactor environments to generate cell biotechnological products, including stem cell derivatives.